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Willy van Assen (Netherlands, 1983) works at a primary school as teacher and dance teacher (you learn better when you move!), she also works with community art projects as a choreographer and artistic director.

She was the artistic director for “Under de Toer” [“Under the Tower”], also “De man dy’t hout dûnsje liet” [“The man who lets wood dance”] (February 2018) – a dance and theatre show inside a church about woodworking.

In July 2018, Willy will be the leader of Physical Theatre, one of the four art disciplines of Artcamp Tytsjerk, an international art camp for artists co-working with communities.

She is the artistic director for a project called Landschapssymphonie [Landscape Symphony], which will take place on September 2nd, 2018 in Eastermar with farmers, villagers, a fanfare, tractors and cows. All together they will show how beautiful the landscape in this region is and how collaborating can help save that landscape.

Willy started her community art work as a teacher with “Roodkapje – een sprookje” [“Little Red Riding Hood – a fairy tale”], an initiative to get children and parents of a primary school to get excited about school. She just didn’t know at that moment that this was actually community art. In 2015-2016, she worked on an education-art project for communities called De Reis. As part of that project, she went to a small village where the people weren’t allowed to build new houses or to expand their village, but there were a lot of individuals who wanted to live there. So the villagers, the school and Willy built an artwork with used materials, and there was a procession with music and hundreds of people.

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