Simona Šimulytė

@ Founder at ChangeMakers'ON


“SMART formula of building invincible and sustainable social businesses”

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Simona Šimulytė spoke about how to make a strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship simple, practical, and applicable. If you are seeking ways to build a business and leave a mark on the society, social entrepreneurship can help you do both. Simona shared how social entrepreneurs use their business and creative skills to help identify and solve social problems on a large scale. You will find out whether you are a passionate risk-taker who applies innovative and practical solutions to benefit society through their business practice. Through the best examples, you will be inspired to get ready to implement Societal Change and create inspiring solutions, work as your own boss and create jobs and income streams.


Simona Šimulytė is the founder of Social Innovations and entrepreneurship program ChangeMakers’ON which has been started in Lithuania with zero funding from her own initiative and has been developed as an international program.
Her main goal is to bring together social and tech people to deliver global impact. She is a board member of the Global Social entrepreneurship network and CEE Impact Investment Task Force. Besides, she is one of the founders of the Lithuanian Social Entrepreneurship Association. Simona spends more than half a year travelling and she is a mentor and speaker at different events. Moreover, she is actively sharing her knowledge on social innovations and helping various start-ups to deliver impact