Pavlina Petrova

@ Plovdiv 2019

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Pavlina Petrova – a Bulgarian by place of birth and citizen of the world by soul. Pavlina is the executive director of the Public Policies Watchdog Forum as well as an initiator and chairperson of the Vibrant Village Foundation Bulgaria. She was the Administrative Director at one of the leading economic think tanks in Bulgaria – the Institute for Market Economics in Sofia (1996-2003) and the Executive Director as well as co-founder of the Economic Policy Research Institute in Skopje, Macedonia (2004-2008). Pavlina is a co-founder and board member of the Access to Information Programme and Institute for Progressive Education, and a board member of the Ideas Factory Association. She has many years of experience in research activities.

Pavlina will present Ideas Factory’s initiative Baba Residence, which is based on an innovative social entrepreneurship model and connects urban youth with the elderly from a range of Bulgarian villages. This project gives an opportunity for participants to live in the village homes of elderly citizens for one month. This sort of collaboration results in specific products, services and initiatives based on local knowledge and the needs of villagers being successfully created.