Paulius Motiejūnas

@ CEO at BC Žalgiris


“Managing sponsorship: how to get along, make profit & create value”

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We can consider the signed agreements and assured financing as a victory but it’s just a start. When collaboration and relations with a partner are the crucial terms to survive, what is the factor X? What are the pillars of effective collaboration? Strategy, creativity of human relations? Can we compare professionalism and humanness? These are the questions Kaunas basketball club Žalgiris and Zalgirio Arena (sports and entertainment arena) are constantly searching for. The answers have been presented by Paulius Motiejūnas, BC Žalgiris and Žalgirio Arena CEO.


Paulius Motiejūnas, CEO at BC Žalgiris and Žalgirio Arena, member of Advisory Board at EuroLeague, awarded as the best sports manager in Lithuania in 2017. Paulius Motiejūnas is responsible for solving the financial difficulties at BC Žalgris and returning the club back to the elite of EuroLeague.