Paul Bourne

@ Artistic Director, Business Consultant, Fellow at Cambridge University


“Creative thinking and creative doing”

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Exploring the opportunities, challenges and surprises of creative relationships. Paul Bourne’s provocation on marriage (or love affair?) between arts and business. An insight for “all humans” who are evaluating their approach to creativity as a process, to culture as a valued investment, and to business as the “dynamic of doing”.

“Arts and business in action”

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What do the following have in common? Changing the tires on a Formula 1 racing car? Rebuilding a professional football team ethos? Promoting a police force culture? Launching the new division of a world-wide computing company? Two things: 1. They were all supported, trained or inspired by working with a British Theatre Company; 2. They are all case studies you can hear about in the Forum’s session about exploring the value, impact and power of arts and business interventions.


Based in Cambridge, Paul Bourne works in “Creative Engagement” in three key sectors – as a professional theatre director, as a teacher in entrepreneurship and as a consultant and coach in Creative Communication for Business. In business education and entrepreneurship his key areas of interest are: working alongside artists exploring creativity in the workplace, enterprise thinking, collaborative working, communication impact and transformational leadership. His work as a master coach in EPIC Creativity & Communication Skills has been utilised by cultural institutions world-wide as well as businesses, including the British Council, BBC, Novartis, Procter & Gamble, NIKE and Liverpool Football Club. Besides being a professional theatre director with his own company Menagerie at the Cambridge Junction, Paul Bourne is also a Fellow at Cambridge University and Professorial Fellow of Moscow School of Management.