Monika Juknienė

@ Coordinator at NVO Avilys


“Building social business: practical workshop for the analysis of ideas”

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The workshop features the analysis of social business ideas suggested by workshop’s participants, including the evaluation of their content, estimated impact and ways to achieve it, financial sustainability and possible investment options. Participants of the session have been invited to share their ideas, receive the feedback from the audience and look together for solutions and tools to help their colleagues to develop advanced social businesses.


Monika Juknienė, NVO Avilys Programme Manager.
Monika has been an active player in the field of social business since 2013, creating, consulting and helping different initiatives of social businesses to grow.
She is a cofounder and long-time manager of Socifaction, the first-ever Lithuanian social enterprise acceleration programme. She is also one of the main organisers of the traditional Social Enterprise Summit, who also contributed to the improvement of political, economic and social environment of social business in Lithuania.
She works with a team designing and strengthening different social businesses: NVO Avilys, Inovatorių slėnis VšĮ, programmes Socialinis Taksi and Senjoro.