Maximillian Valentin

@ Creative Director, Lecturer

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Maximilian Valentin has gained extensive work experience (over 15 years) in the creative industry – he was working as a copywriter and later as a creative director. Today Maximilian Valentin is a freelance creative director providing his services for global brands as well as helping them to define and develop future communication and business strategies and create successful future. Furthermore, he is a lecturer for different master programs in Europe and is working as a workshop facilitator to emphasise the power of empathy in creativity. Maximilian Valentin tries to always spot new developments in the social and individual behaviour of people. In other words, he tries to understand the cultural context of a brand and its stakeholders. Based on his own observations, Maximilian Valentin discovered the importance of art in decoding cultural developments. Together with his peer Fionn Dobbin, he is now working on a project to connect the intuitive world of art with the innovation-driven world of business.