Marcin Łapczyński

@ CEO at The Polish Institute in Vilnius


“Poland and its public diplomacy”

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The presentation is focused on the main priorities of Polish public and cultural diplomacy, including the role of capitals of culture in creating a common ground for better Europe. The case of Wrocław (2016) and Kraków (2000) and its international impact was presented together with some examples of Polish contribution to the preparations for Kaunas 2022.


Marcin Łapczyński (Poland) has worked as a counsellor at the Polish Embassy and director of the Polish Institute in Vilnius since 2015. The main area of activities of this institution is public and cultural diplomacy. Having degrees in International Relations and European Studies from the University of Warsaw and Central European University in Budapest he has gained experience of working at the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland where he was responsible for international co-operation and promotion of the Polish culture abroad, including the European Capital of Culture project in Poland.