Inga Norkūnienė

@ Klaipėda Culture Communication Centre


“Transforming cultural experience: the domino effect”

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In her presentation Inga Norkūnienė, cultural manager at Klaipėda Culture Communication Centre (KCCC), speaks about changes and outcomes achieved in an institution, when its activities start to take advantage of new educational methods and create experiences relevant to the audience. According to Norkūnienė, education is based on good emotions, new knowledge, experiences, encouraging the inherent curiosity, involvement and collaboration, constantly developing the consciousness of the audience and its natural need to visit art and cultural events as active, creative, change-inspiring participants aware of their responsibility. According to Norkūnienė, the consistency of forming cultural skills and deep-reaching experience and reflection thereof is very important, as this results in the strongest emotional bonds and inner desire to return, participate and create.


Inga Norkūnienė is a cultural manager, cultural practitioner and educator at Klaipėda Culture Communication Centre (KCCC). KCCC organises international and national projects of contemporary art, disseminates information on culture, organises educational activities and develops cultural industries.

In this institution, Inga prepares applications for various funds, curates the international KCCC residency programme “Meno kiemas” (Arts and Crafts Courtyard), organises creative workshops, seminars and conferences. Together with the artists from Klaipėda, she has organised several social exhibitions focusing on the topics relevant for the city.

When volunteering in the Assistance Dogs Programme at the Relief Organization of the Order of Malta in Lithuania, she tested and later applied in her practice the method of using dogs in lectures and implements a project “Šuo ir žmogus: susitikimai, kurie įkvepia” (A Dog and A Person: Meetings that Inspire), during which the four-legged friends become guides in various museums around the city.

Currently Inga and the Department of Education and Culture of Klaipėda collaborate on the application of “The Model of Artistic Competences in School Students”, on the basis of which cultural organisations of Klaipėda city participate in the process of formal education.