Dr. Giedrė Pranaitytė

@ Vytautas Magnus University


“The French model of cultural diplomacy in the context of the European Capitals of Culture initiative”

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France has always been perceived as a country that is constantly striving to develop effective strategies for a successful implementation of cultural diplomacy. Therefore, it is aimed to discuss in what ways cultural diplomacy, often perceived as an intriguing phenomenon, might become of vital importance in spreading French cultural values and gaining more political influence globally as well as locally. Willing to set proper limitations to the scope of the analysis, much heed will be devoted to the practical appraisal of basic principles that have laid a sound foundation for the cultural diplomacy of France. In this context, special attention will also be paid to the French experience acquired while contributing to the European Capitals of Culture Initiative.


Giedrė Pranaitytė (born in 1979) obtained her Master’s degree in English Philology at Vytautas Magnus University in Kaunas (Lithuania) in 2001, then she spent two years at the European Committee of the Regions in Brussels (Belgium) and came back to Vytautas Magnus University for her Master’s degree in international relations and diplomacy, followed by Erasmus studies at the University of Bergen (Norway). Giedrė Pranaitytė was granted a Master’s diploma in diplomacy and international relations and works on the PhD thesis “Cultural Diplomacy of the United States and France”. Being awarded a special scholarship by the French government in 2011, she has also made a research visit to the Université de la Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris (France) to collect data for her PhD thesis which was successfully defended at Vytautas Magnus University. Currently Giedrė Pranaitytė is working as a coordinator at the Centre Universitaire des Pays Francophone at Vytautas Magnus University.