Agnieszka Wlazeł

@ PhD Researcher at School of Performance and Cultural Industries, University of Leeds


“Art & technology for developing audience engagement”

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The term “audience engagement”, in comparison to “audience development”, acknowledges the move from passivity to activity, and from people treated as objects to being perceived as sensitive subjects constructing their own experiences. From the perspective of an art organization, audience engagement could be seen as a value-driven approach aimed at deepening the audience’s experiences of art. Arts organizations use technologies not only to reach new audiences or collect attendance data but also to create new forms of creative work. Audience involvement is an essential part of interactive (and digital) artworks. Agnieszka Wlazeł looks at examples of such artworks through her own engagement classification – audience experiences that are fully “directed”, “semi-structured” and “open”.


Agnieszka Wlazeł is an audience engagement researcher, audience development facilitator, cultural manager and doctoral researcher at Leeds University. Agnieszka Wlazeł is known for critically assessing the potential of technology and implementing augmented live art projects (with a VR component) to support the objectives of the art sector, to engage new and infrequent audiences in cultural experiences as well as capture and analyze these experiences. Moreover, she is a coordinator of various art, interdisciplinary and educational projects, done mostly in international cooperation settings. Agnieszka Wlazeł is also an external expert of the European Commission and is a vice-president of “Impact Foundation” that is promoting audience development concept within the cultural sector (