European Capital of Culture Forum 2020

The European Capital of Culture Forum is an annual event initiated by the team of Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022, where leaders representing various creative fields from all around Europe come together for gaining and sharing knowledge, getting inspiration, networking and discussing the opportunities for cooperation. One of the main objectives of this initiative is to encourage the culture of collaboration with other sectors, such as business, science or politics.

Myth of Europe

The theme that unites this year’s forum – Myth of Europe – raises questions is Europe a geographic concept or an idea? Or maybe Europe  is.. a myth? What kind of “European way of life” are the European Union’s institutions striving to protect?

Main topics

Without avoiding any polarising topics on the issues of European identity, politics or memory, this year the speakers of the Forum will be discussing the state of Europe today, its transformations, reasons dividing the society, and the future perspectives.

The program will include presentations and discussions from a broad European horizon, and a workshop to strengthen practical skills and partnerships. The Bureau of Creative Europe in Lithuania will invite Forum participants to a session dedicated to international networking and public presentation of their activities as well as to the Forum of Cultural Sponsors.

For the first time the Forum will leave its traditional venue and move to the historical building of the Lithuanian bank which is known as one of the most authentic heritage objects from the inter-war period in Lithuania.

Moments from the last year’s European Capital of Culture Forum

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